Torfaen Trails and Tales

Torfaen was in the forefront in the Industrial Revolution and its industrial heritage has left a profound legacy on the landscape and in the lives of many who survive today. Those with stories to tell of the past speak about the hardship and the community spirit that the way of life engendered.

Local culture thrived; artists painted the gnarled landscape and the people usually worked in the iron and coal mines and the related industries.  Music was an integral part of community life with events such as eisteddfodau and anniversaries. Religion thrived, new church and chapel buildings were constructed, often by those who worked by day in the heavy industry. Religion became a reassuring face of the community in hard times.

For the first time Torfaen Trails and Tales brings together stories of the people who contributed to this area's heritage. They also look at the places where it all happened, with contributions from those who either experienced its past directly or who learnt of Torfaen's heritage from their ancestors. 

There are a variety of ways in which you can explore Torfaen's heritage.

Downloadable trail brochures provide you with points of interest on the trail route

Video Clips
Experience at first hand the trail and listen to some of the characters who relate their stories.

Downloadable stories and background history, add to the fascinating picture of the past.

Audio Interviews
Listen to the people who have experienced Torfaen's past

Audio Trails
Listen to the trails led by writer and broadcaster Tim Richards and guide Paul Barrett in MP3 format, providing a taster that can be taken with you when you are walking the route.

Books and exhibitions
Learn about exhibitions held at local museums or refer to a range of books written by local authors.